About the Family - Veteran Missionary James Hoffmeister has been a missionary since 2001. Sent out of Captiol City Baptist Church in Austin Texas, the Hoffmiester family has been faithfully serving the Lord in the country of Trinidad and the surrounding islands.

About the Country - Located in the Caribbean Sea, Trinidad and Tobago cover an area just over 5,000 sq km. Gas and oil exports are the main source of income for the Islands. However, drug trafficking is growing concern affecting much of the population living in the major cities.

The main religions are professing Christianity (65.59%) and Hinduism (21.60%), followed by Islam (5.80%).

James & Bev Hoffmeister

Guest Missionaries

James & Rosalie Miyashita

About the Family - James Miyashita is a second-generation missionary to Japan. Married to Rosalie, they now have the calling of God to plant churches in the Empire of Japan.

Find out more at www.reachingjapan.com

About the country - Sitting next to Korea, China and Russia in the North Pacific, Japan consists of four main island with 3,00 smaller islands. Their combined size adds up to 377,801 sq km. Despite their size, the islands are very mountainous so on 13% of the land is able to be cultivated.

By constitution, freedom of religion is guaranteed by all. Over 70% of Japan claim no personal religion . However, the majority follow the demands and customs of Buddhism (ancestor worship) and Shintoism (Polytheism). Only 1.54% of Japan claim Christianity.